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Working with Linda has been an eye-opener! I appreciate her holistic approach. She teaches how all aspects of self-care work together to bring about health. Linda has the ability to clearly explain the science behind how food affects you at a cellular level. The right food really is medicine! I’ve known this in an abstract way, but after learning more from Linda, I see it in a new light.

I was seeking help with chronic migraine, I received this and so much more.

CT, Oklahoma

I consulted Linda because of constant fatigue. We had a great time in her sessions examining my lab work and eating habits. She piqued my curiosity in changing my attitude towards eating and also drinking water in general. It was important to her that I didn’t start thinking of any particular diet but feeling connected to the signs and needs of my body.
The result has been astounding! The constant fatigue is gone and my days are filled with so much more joy! And my meals have such a bigger variety of colors and tastes! Linda is really easy to talk to. I felt in safe, caring, and very knowledgeable hands.
It was also helpful, that she had lived in Germany before, so she knows what’s available here and what the food habits are.
Thank you, Linda!

FG, Germany

For years I thought the way to get healthy was by working out.  As I have grown in age, I found staying in shape and maintaining positive well-being to be much more than just physical activity.  The truth is, I didn’t understand the basics of nutrition.  I needed help.

I heard about Symphony Nutrition and during our introductory meeting, Linda explained she would review my clinical lab-work and lifestyle behaviors.  After doing so, Linda created a personalized health plan that was inclusive meal plans, supplements, and common-sense recommendations.  This plan was created personally for me based on my routines and clinical evidence. 

The changes weren’t that hard – and I feel good practicing them and learning about nutrition.  After just 5 short weeks, my lab work stabilized and my weight became more appropriate for my body type.

I endorse and recommend Linda as a great partner in personal well-being.  Linda’s style is cooperative in nature.  The investment I have made in Symphony Nutrition is well worth the on-going results.

SD, Fairfax

I knew I wanted to work with Linda even before I met her – just from reading about her background. She genuinely cares about others and I feel like she is someone who will listen and help me understand how to improve my health condition.


I love working with Linda! She’s knowledgeable, thoughtful, and understanding. It’s so important to me to have someone on my side who is really looking at me as a whole person – body, mind, and spirit – and not just as a series of unrelated symptoms. Because of the changes I’ve made under Linda’s guidance and encouragement, I’ve been able to cut my dose of blood pressure medicine in half in just 6 weeks!

JW, Arlington

Choosing what to eat does not have to be difficult

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