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Nutritional Consulting

Personalized nutrition

Sound nutritional advice tailored to your health and lifestyle

Deciding what food to eat to support your health does not have to be overwhelming. You will understand which diet is best for you based on your diagnosis, medical history and overall health goals. You will also receive supplement and lifestyle change recommendations to help restore your overall well-being.

It is possible to have ease and clarity when it comes to choosing what to eat to feel better. 

Our specialties

Promote and restore your health from within
Nutrition counseling looks deep within the body to discover specific nutrients to improve health conditions and create balance. What you eat can make a difference. We can help you create an optimal diet for your health and help you restore wellness from the inside out.

Nutrition can help you with:

Manage Autoimmune disorders

Reduce Chronic Pain, inflammation and headaches

Improve Insulin Resistance and Diabetes

Discover your healthy size

Boost your mood & lower anxiety

Personalized nutrition packages

Create long-lasting health changes

Changing eating habits and your overall lifestyle can be a challenging experience that requires personable, non-judgmental, and encouraging support. Making a long term commitment would ensure that you fully adopt a new healthy-eating regime into your daily life to experience long-lasting positive changes. Choose from packages meeting twice monthly or 3 times per month

Nutritional Wellness Assessment

  • 1 initial consultation session (60 minutes)
  • 2 follow up sessions (40 minutes)

What you’ll receive:

    • Assessment of nutritional status
    • Diet and lifestyle recommendations
    • Supplement recommendations and 10% discount on all Fullscript orders

    Set up a free discovery call for more information and pricing!

Comprehensive Nutrition Counseling

  • Nutritional counseling sessions (3 or 6 month terms)
    • One-hour initial consultation
    • Follow up appointments 40 minutes each, 2 per month

What you’ll receive:

  • Assessment of nutritional status
  • Dietary, lifestyle, and medical history review
  • Evidence-based researched recommendations
  • Review of clinical bloodwork labs
  • Review of medications and nutrient depletions
  • Weekly support between visits
  • 15% discount on superior quality supplements chosen specifically for your needs

Set up a free discovery call for more information and pricing!

Diagnostic Lab Testing

TEST, don’t guess!  

  • Special pricing available on additional diagnostic tests when you purchase a 3 or 6 month package
  • pricing starts at $299 (includes analysis & review)
    • DUTCH Plus Cortisol and Hormone Labs
    • GI Effects Comprehensive Stool Test
    • SIBO testing
    • Organic Acid Testing
    • Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Labs
    • Vitamin D Labs
    • Vitamin B12 and folate Labs
    • more Labs available upon request
Not sure where to start?

Book a free 30-minute consultation to find out which package is best for you

Personalized nutrition consultations

What’s included in your package

Preliminary evaluation

This is a comprehensive questionnaire about your medical history, food preferences and lifestyle that you will fill out prior to our meeting.

Initial consultation (75 min)

You will receive a comprehensive nutritional evaluation discussing everything from head to toe as we review your body systems and medical history questionnaire. You’ll upload labs and your food journal for evaluation before our next meeting.

Follow-up consultation (40 min)

You will learn which foods would give you the right amount of nutrients to help support and restore your health. We will discuss specific diet adjustments, troubleshoot possible challenges, and learn how to address new eating habits.

Sample meal plan

You will receive a personalized and customizable meal plan so you don’t have to struggle trying to decide what’s for dinner.

Supplements and lifestyle recommendations

You will receive a list of recommended supplements to promote and restore balance in your body. You will also learn which lifestyle changes can help you enhance your overall health.

Accountability check-ins

Regular accountability check-ins will take place during your program.  Email or message to discuss any questions you have between sessions. We will use this opportunity to deal with any setbacks you might have, answer any nutrition-related questions, and provide you with accountability and support to move forward with restoring your health.

Choosing what to eat does not have to be difficult

Begin the journey to your health today