What exactly IS a clinical nutritionist?

by | Mar 8, 2021 | health, nutrition

CNS blog photo Certified Nutrition Specialists are licensed by the Board for Certified Nutrition Specialists (BCNS). Clinicians must complete a Master’s degree in Nutrition, pass a national board exam, and complete 1000 hours of supervised practice before they are eligible to practice medical nutrition therapy.

The CNS has specific training in the biochemistry of body systems with a great deal of study and research into why particular health conditions are impacted by poor nutrition and lifestyle choices.

We evaluate the client’s lifestyle choices, medical history, labs, and medications to construct a personalized plan designed to improve their health based on the principles of wholesome food, proper hydration, restorative sleep, meaningful self-care, and joyful movement.

Our focus as Clinical Nutritionist is to provide personalized nutrition plans to address your specific needs.  A great deal of time is spent using evidence-based nutritional research and a deep dive into the biochemical makeup of a persons’ body to craft the right wellness plan for you.

In the United States, each state has a different set of laws regarding who can call themselves a “nutritionist”.  Some states have no laws, which means anyone who took a class or course in nutrition can hang out their shingle as a “nutritionist”.  People with the CNS credential are health professionals just as are RDs, MDs, DCs, DOs, and RNs.  If you have questions about your health, reach out to a Clinicial Nutrition Specialist (CNS) for the best, personalized care!