Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

by | Dec 15, 2022 | nutrition, self care

The holiday season can be a really fun time to enjoy delicious food we don’t have available during the rest of the year. But with multiple holiday engagements to attend, dietary restrictions, and health goals we’d like to achieve, the offerings can be a little overwhelming. With thoughtful planning, we can make the most of this time without sacrificing comfort or nourishment.

Here are some tips for enjoying the holiday food fest!


Eat a meal with plenty of fiber and protein before an event

Eating foods high in quality dietary fiber and protein can help fill you up and prevent you from overindulging in holiday treats.

Holiday food can often leave us feeling unsatiated. Having a balanced meal before heading out the door to a get-together is a great way to make sure you get enough to eat, with enough room to enjoy the amount of fun food you’d like.

Don’t skip meals

Eating regular meals throughout the day is a critical part of maintaining your health. Skipping meals may seem like an effective strategy when preparing for holiday festivities, but it can have negative impacts on your physical and mental well-being. Skipping meals can lead to fatigue, nutritional deficiencies, and slowed metabolism. Additionally, going too long between meals can trigger a frantic urge to eat, leaving you more prone to overeating. Eating regular meals maintains steady levels of insulin which helps curb cravings and will set you up for holiday party success!


Limit your alcohol intake

During the holiday season, everyone is celebrating, and holiday gatherings often revolve around alcohol. Enjoying a drink occasionally is perfectly fine, but being thoughtful about your intake can help you stay on track. Alcoholic drinks can leave you hungry and unsatisfied, which often results in cravings for less nutritious options. If you’re shooting for a balance of fun and nutrition, moderation can really help.

Celebrating a healthy holiday season with 4 mocktails on a dinig table garnished beautifully with rosemary and other flowers and fruit.

Enjoy a mocktail!

Mocktails are becoming increasingly popular, and some of the options you can find in stores have some really cool herbs and fresh juices! There are also some tasty holiday recipes for mocktails. These are great alcohol substitutes that can help you feel included in the revelry.


Drink plenty of water

While we are on the subject of beverages, make sure to drink plenty of water, especially if you are consuming alcohol. Being well-hydrated helps us tune into and listen to hunger cues more effectively.


Do Holiday Parties Make you Anxious?

If so, you’re not alone. Socializing is hard for many people, and family gatherings can be stressful. Mindful eating can be an effective strategy when an event is filled with difficult emotions. Staying attuned to your hunger cues, savoring your food, and eating slowly can help if you are trying to avoid emotional eating.


If its pressure to eat something you don’t want that you’re struggling with

Kindly and confidently say “no thank you” without having to explain yourself. You should feel empowered to make choices about what you want — and don’t want! After all, no explanation is necessary as it’s totally up to you.


Enjoy Yourself

There is nothing wrong with having specific needs around food or goals to eat healthy during holidays. But enjoying your favorite holiday foods is also a wonderful approach. In fact, the less we restrict, the less we are likely to eat beyond satisfaction and enjoyment. What we restrict we end up thinking about even more. With full permission to eat what you want, you remove the last supper mentality. When you know you can have a sweet treat whenever you want, you tend to eat only what you’d like and are happy leaving the rest. Let go of the guilt food is a natural part of celebrating and is meant to be enjoyed!


Have a happy holiday season!!