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Meet Linda Mench

The founder of Symphony Nutrition
Navigating your path to wellness:

Many people frequently tell me they feel overlooked and undervalued by their traditional healthcare providers. This is especially true for those grappling with gastrointestinal issues or navigating the complexities of menopause. Rather than being met with personalized care, they’re frequently handed a prescription or told to simply endure their conditions. I firmly believe in challenging this narrative. I believe in empowering you as a partner in your health. Together, we’ll use personalized tools and education to move beyond standard care, finding unique solutions to improve your life. The message is clear: one’s health journey is not a predetermined path but a collaborative venture towards wellness.

Choosing the right food for your health can be overwhelming. We are here to help.

Honestly, dieting is just an invention of the weight loss industry that profits from our failures and turns the blame on us. With each new attempt at dieting, our bodies become adept at surviving the restrictions and changes we impose making it increasingly difficult to lose weight and improve our health. To top it off, there is an overabundance of conflicting health information out there. Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Raw, Low-fat, Restricting, Elimination… All of these and more are diets that contribute to endless weight cycling and continued defeat.

What if, instead of another failed diet, we stop the negative self-talk, body shaming, and preoccupation with “should” and “would”? What if we could press a reset button and learn how to be compassionate with ourselves, let go of dieting and focus on healthy relationships with food? The same nutritional approach does not work for everyone. We will work together to determine how your unique body requirements, underlying health conditions, and lifestyle play important roles in helping you make healthy food choices. Developing a comfortable relationship with food will help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, improve your health and open up a world of joyful, satisfying experiences.

The key to feeling better is in making better choices 

​​Hi! I’m Linda Mench, a board-certified nutrition specialist with a Master’s degree in Nutrition. I created Symphony Nutrition to help people like you who are experiencing menopausal weight gain, brain fog, hot flashes and more restore your health and wellness by empowering a deeper understanding of your body’s changing needs. 

Linda’s story

The journey to wellness

My journey to healthy eating started with a road trip across the country. After several weeks on the road, dining at fast food restaurants every day, my kids finally had enough. They told me they never wanted to eat fast food ever again.And they were serious!

What goes on your plate when you don’t eat fast food? Searching for answers, I dove into the world of healthy eating. We all know that we should eat better. But what does that actually mean? What do I eat? And how much?

In all my research, I could not find the perfect diet that’s guaranteed to work. In fact, every new article I read would recommend the opposite of what the previous one swore by. One week it was all about lemons, the next week – limes. I just wanted someone to tell me what food to eat.

I discovered fad diets don’t work for most people because they don’t take into consideration your individual medical history, nutrient requirements and specific health challenges. After that, I jumped at the opportunity to become a nutrition specialist. I’ve undergone comprehensive training and mentoring which has given me the very best tools and knowledge available to help you adapt a healthy eating routine to improve your health and well-being.

I started Symphony Nutrition to educate people about making better food choices so they can feel better. I love what I do because I get to witness daily how people’s health improves dramatically once they change their diet. I’d be thrilled with the opportunity to take you from overwhelm to feeling empowered about better food choices. It’s time to end the guesswork and know you are in good hands.

Good diet is not about never enjoying food again

Good diet gives you the keys to be empowered around food and health

Healthy diet is not about restricting your food choices, not enjoying what you eat or drinking protein shakes all day. Healthy diet means nourishing your body and your emotions. It comes from knowing how foods affect your health, what nutrients your body needs and why. Nutrition gives you the tools to make informed decisions to what goes on your plate every time you sit down to eat.

Why Symphony Nutrition
Fad diets and popular health-food trends rarely create sustainable results. Trendy diets are hard to stick to and don’t work for everyone. We use a functional nutritional approach to evaluate your wellness based upon your current lab work, medical history and underlying health conditions to choose a nutritional plan that’s tailored to you, your body and your well-being.

Personalized nutrition advice

We tailor nutrition advice to meet your individual needs, not just any run-of-the-mill diet advice.

Health condition specific

See the connection between foods you eat and the nutrients your body needs for vitally important biochemical pathways to balance your health.

Evidence-based approach

Based upon the latest nutrition and medical research, we develop dietary approaches to help you discover optimal wellness.

Accountability check-ins

Stay on track with healthy eating habits to create long-lasting results through consistent support and accountability.

How do we compare?

Making the right food choices often starts with choosing the right specialist. Learn the difference between a health coach, a dietician and a nutritionist.

Health Coach


Provides coaching and accountability


Skilled at online research


Certificate program



Provides coaching and accountability


Skilled at creating generalized meal plans


Trained to work in public health (schools, hospitals)


Bachelor's degree


Provides coaching and accountability


Skilled at creating personalized meal plans


Approaches nutrition from functional perspective


Uses vitamins and minerals to supplement nutrition


Master's degree & biochemistry background